Artist statement:
I work primarily with sculptural objects, installations, sound art, sound-text art and text art.
The focus for many of my older works has been how the audience/visitors choose to interact with the work. This has for example resulted in an investigation of the game’s mechanisms through interactive sculptures/games. In recent years, the theme of my work has come to address issues of language, identity, communication and memory. An interest that pervades many works is the pedagogical situation created by my work when coming into contact with the audience/visitors.

I relate to these structural elements as aspects of performativity. The communication that is part of the work can be traced back to my interest in psychoanalysis and the linguistic context surrounding it. This interest in communication can also be read in collaborative projects.
I am working as an art consultant with public site-specific art for Stockholm Konst and the housing company HSB Bostad, and I am a member of Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden.